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       Liancheng Orchid Co., Ltd was founded in 2000 by our President Mr. Chunrong Rao. He started to cultivate orchids at the beginning of “Reform and Opening”, and had kept it for 30 years. In Sep. 2011, our company was restructured to Fujian Liancheng Orchid Co., Ltd, with registered capital 180 million RMB. Liancheng Orchid is the biggest orchid base; our main products are spring orchid (cymbidium goeringii), fragrant orchid (cymbidium faberi), Fujian orchid (cymbidium ensifolium), winter orchid (cymbidium kanran), New Year orchid (cymbidium sinensis), spring sword (c. goeringii var.longibracteatum), lotus-petal-shaped orchid etc.  

       Our Company has introduced middle, senior management professionals, built a set of standards and process in production, purchasing, research, sales and service, carried out ERP system, which formed a comprehensive enterprise management system. Also, our company explores and uncovers orchid deep value and optimizes the distribution of all resources, in order to gain social and economic returns. Now Liancheng Orchid has been a modern enterprise, with large scale, industrialization, standardization and famous brand.

       Our company insists the management concept of “pursuing excellence, keeping innovation and customer first”, and the mission of “leading China Orchid culture, promoting orchid industry”. We devote to expanding orchid and its culture into every family, developing a top-ranking flower company and becoming orchid industry promoter, leader and integrator.