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For Orchid Freshman
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First, don’t grow few seedlings with big vessel. The bigger the vessel, the more the mixture needed. So, if water it less, the inside is not wet, then the root cannot have enough water; if water it more, the inside will be still wet when the outside is dry, then the mixture will be rot, also the root. So, it is incorrect that the more mixture the better.

Second, don’t add more fertilizer. Fertilizer promotes the seedling growing and flowering, but it is incorrect to add more fertilizer. There are some examples that the orchid dies because of more fertilizer. Though the fertilizer works along with other conditions, it’s better to use it moderate, or you consult others who know more about this.

Third, don’t water too often. Freshman love the orchid too much so that he likes to water it frequently. But it is incorrect either. The orchid needs moderate water, but it needs dry too. If the orchid is a little dehydrated, it is supposed that, the root is rot, or air-dried, or the weather is too dry.
Fourth, don’t put the root too deep. Most freshmen will plant the root too deep, because they think the root could get more nutrient if deeper, or are afraid that the plant could not stand well if not deeper. The correct way is to let the head of the root out, in case the root or new buds smothered. If it cannot stand well, it could be fixed with rope or prop.