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How to water orchids
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Water is the origin of life.
First, water is the important component for plant mixture. Moisture content of plant protoplasm is more than 80%. If lower, the plant life will be affected. If loss too much, the protoplasm will be damaged, then the whole plant dies.
Second, water is the origin during metabolism. The dissimilation and assimilation inside the plant, such as photosynthesis, respiration, hydrolysis reaction etc, all need water molecules.
Third, water is the medium for metabolism. The nutrient elements in mixture, only if melted in the water, could be absorbed by root.
Fourth, water help orchid keep its shape. When the molecules absorb much more water then expand, the plant could stand erect. In this case, the plant will receive sunlight well.
Fifth, water could adjust the plant’s temperature. Water has vaporization heat and specific heat, also high thermal conductivity. These will help the plant keep temperature and give off heat. So, this is the important aspect why we water the plant.
All in all, water is the origin of life for orchid, the essence of growing. So, water it moderate, which will make the orchid grow better.