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The main plant diseases and insect pests of orchids
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1、Southern blight: It occurs in the rainy season. Pay attention to ventilation and brightness. To let soil drainage in a good condition could prevent the disease. If it gets disease, remove the soil, and spread pentachloronitrobenzene powder or lime.

2, Anthrax: It will happen all the year, especially in high temperature and rainy season. To improve the environment condition is the prevention method. If happening, spray thiophanate methyl wettable powder with 800 ~ 1500 times liquid every 7 ~ 10 days, supplemented by 1% equivalent Bordeaux mixture, half a month once.

3, Scale insect: In high temperature & humidity condition, also when the air flow is silent, the insect multiply the fastest. Use abnormal method to prevent.

4, Root rot or nematode: Nematodes are parasitic on orchids root. They will cause root rot, bad growth of the leaf, leaf color becoming yellow, and even cause the plants withering. Nematode damage causes a lot of wounds, which results in other soil borne pathogen infection, plant disease, and accelerates the plants to die. The cultivation mixture should be disinfected with 100 degree steam sterilization, to kill the insect eggs. If plant damaged too heavy, change the vessel immediately, and soak it in strain solution in 20-30 minutes, take it out and dry, then plant it with new mixture.
Above all, to keep orchid good, one must master its natural growth environment conditions, take reasonable measures to strengthen the maintenance and management. According to "raise orchid recipe": "Don’t put it out in Spring, not shine it in summer, not keep it dry in autumn, or not keep it wet in winter”. This is the summary of experience for cultivating orchids.