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How to distinguish different orchids
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To tell the difference of different orchids, is a knowledge that show one’s level to orchid. So, from the ancient, orchid planters pay more attention to this. They insist “see from three aspects” and don’t conclude hastily.
First, leaf shape
“see flower for a while, appreciate leaves for whole year”
If not in its flowering time, people judge the orchid according to its leaf shape, including leaf bud, plant shape etc. The new bud’s color could be as a reference to distinguish orchid species. If the new bud is white, white green or green, for spring orchid, it will be pure flower, for fragrant orchid, it will be pure or green orchid; if there are white points at the terminal shoots, the flower will be “exquisite flower”.
Second, flower buds
Not only the leaf shape, but the flower buds have difference between flowers. Thus, people distinguish the orchid from both leaf shape and flower buds. About flower buds, it is said fragrant orchid with “nine types eight shapes” and “five ways eight shapes”. These precious experiences help planting orchids a lot.
Everything is changing. During growing orchids, it is found out that, the flower buds of the same one are different in different years, even the same year. I witness this in the past years. I have grown fragrant orchids such as “Da Fugui” and “Yuan Zi”, there is difference in different years, sometimes deep color, sometimes light color.
Third, flowers
To distinguish fragrant orchid, the most direct way is to see its flower. That is why one must check its flower when introduce new species. Usually, you could tell the species when it blooms, but not absolutely. There will be difference of the flower of same species if planting in different way, such as Song Mei could bloom four or five appearance, Lv Yun, Xi Shen also. We cannot conclude that it doesn’t belong to this species because of different shape. So, as Wu Enyuan said, “planting way determines its level”. So it is.